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Jay Manuel #DiscoverYou Nyc



If you’re a fan of America’s Next Top Model you’ll recognize Jay Manuel as the show’s former creative director and judge of Canada’s Next Top Model. He’s also a celebrity makeup artist, fashion and lifestyle beauty expert. He believes that “beauty is deeply personal, purely individual and surprisingly public.”



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Jay Manuel’s #Discoveryounyc event marked the launch of the new Filter Finish Collection from his makeup line Jay Manuel Beauty, a premiere cosmetic line curated by cutting-edge glamour technologies. It was also a celebration for women to discover their true self-image. Three signature styles from his make up line are Iconic, Classic and Avant-Garde, all of them unique and glamorous looks to make you shine!



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The event started off with a presentation and Q&A session with Jay Manuel as the moderator and a panel of influential people in the fashion, technological and beauty industries such as Asmau Ahmed the CEO of the app Plum Perfect, Elisabeth Halfapp the founder of the Mind Body Program called Exhale, Victoria’s Secret photographer Russell James, entrepreneur Jodie Patterson and On-Air Beauty & Lifestyle expert Milly Almodovar. They shared their insight on beauty, fashion tips and how to express your personal style with confidence.




I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Jay Manuel himself. He is so warm, gracious and cheerful in person! I asked him for tips on how to look great in front of the camera. His answer was “ Be genuine with your emotions. If you want to smile, think of something happy. The most important aspect of your expression is in your eyes.” So there you go ladies! A picture perfect tip from the expert of America’s Next Top Model, himself.




For the rest of the day we were pampered with amazing beauty, hair, nail and makeup services. Jay Manuel Beauty experts provided makeovers and beauty consultations. We also got to sample some of the exquisite products from his make up line. A unique aspect of Jay Manuel Beauty is that it uses crushed diamonds, pearls and precious stones to nourish and make the skin glow! I also love how the packaging is so sleek and compact so it won’t take up too much space in your make up bag. There’s a diverse, dynamic range of colors and shades for your eyes, lips and face to suit your skin colour.



IMG_2890 IMG_2888


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And the best part is, Jay Manuel Beauty has their very own phone app developed with the Plum Perfect phone app technology which you can use to take a picture of yourself to find which products from his makeup line can enhance your best features. And you can also receive Free customized samples that will be delivered right to your doorstep!




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The Peel Bar: Beauty Rx by Dr Schultz treated my face with a professional glycolic facial peel. Within just 2 minutes it removed my dead skin cells, making my skin glow and super smooth. Other than booking an appointment for a facial at The Peel Bar, you can also get The Progressive Peel Kit that you can use at home to get the same results for only $69.95!








Pai-Shau, a hair-care line provided their incredible hair styling services. Pai-Shau’s products are infused with Exotic Tea Complex and advanced binary technology to rejuvenate and protect the hair. I received a sample bottle of the Biphasic Infusion, a hair serum that instantly moisturized and detangled my frizzy hair. I really loved how Stephanie Parziale, the creative director of the brand, glamorized and added dramatic, voluminous waves to my hair!




SweetTess Creations satisfied our sugar cravings with their elegant desserts and Maven provided refreshing cocktails for the event.




Jamberry pampered our hands with adorable manicures. Jamberry Nail Wraps are  a great alternative to gel manicures as they are customizable with over 300 designs, easy to apply at home and require zero dry time. Their unique nail stickers that can last for over a week or two!


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I had a fantastic time at the event! Not only did I get to meet one of my beauty inspirations Jay Manuel and learn great tips from fashion and lifestyle experts, I also had the chance to get pampered with state of the art make up, beauty and hair services!




To find out more about Jay Manuel Beauty and discover your personal beauty looks to let the real “you” shine, visit his website on the link below.


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Beauty, Baubles, Bevvies and Boxes Event






I love that the fashion and beauty industry is becoming more earth conscious. The  Beauty, Baubles, Bevvies, and Boxes event was a great showcase of brands that featured products that were Eco-friendly  and  helped give back to the community.


Deepa Gurnani is an artisan jewelry brand that sells handcrafted accessories made in India. The designers behind the brand are husband and wife Deepa and Jay Lakhani. Deepa has beaded couture pieces for Alexander McQueen, Fendi and Emanuel Ungaro  while Jay Lakhani trained under head designers for Tiffany and Bvlgari. It’s no wonder why their jewelry and hair accessories are so exquisite and fashionable.




The pieces that were being displayed at the event were embellished with crystals, beads, feathers and semi precious stones. Some of the headbands, bracelets and necklaces have intricate designs embroidered onto leather pieces with beads. The collection has an earthy, bohemian vibe with an air of luxury. I loved the carnelian necklace and the black feather headband.  Another thing that I admire about Deepa Gurnani is that they are involved with charitable causes and employ the unskilled workforce to teach them skills to support their families.








Hynt Beauty is a organic and cruelty free beauty brand that did makeup touch ups at the event. What makes them different is that their products are not only vegan, they are also made from natural ingredients and botanical extracts. They do not have any nano particles and artificial colorants and preservatives. And of course, they are also Eco-friendly and do not test on animals. The makeup line  looks luxurious and elegant at the same time. I had a mini makeover with the products and I absolutely was impressed with the make up base, powder foundation  and concealer. A little goes a long way and using just a small amount made my imperfections and eye bags disappear, giving it a natural glow.







The drinks were from Invo Coconut Water that uses fresh coconuts from Thailand. The juice is
cold crafted, meaning it is not pasteurised with heat! By doing so, the essential nutrients are retained, making the juice fresher and healthier. Invo also had different flavours with Sencha green tea and Tropical that’s blended with mango and pineapple juices. I’ve tried the coconut water and sure enough it was refreshing and not too sweet, just like sticking a straw and drinking from a freshly cracked coconut! Invo Coconut Water also uses sustainable farming methods.




Boombox Gifts showcased their products and services that makes gifting personal and fun. How it works is that you pick a box from a selection of designs and then Boombox helps you fill it with notes and pictures from your group of friends. It’s perfect for all occasions such birthdays, anniversaries and bridal showers!



As someone who loves the earth and giving back, I loved being introduced to and learning more about these inspirational brands at this event.
I hope you check out some of their products out!

Hynt Beauty:

Deepa Gurnani:

Invo Coconut Water:

Boombox :
What are your favourite products that are natural and earth friendly?
Tell me more in the comments below about your recommendations.

Beauty, Event Photography, Fashion Shows & Events, Lifestyle, Make Up, Skin Care, Trends

Glambition WomenThinkBIG with Iman Cosmetics







IMAN Cosmetics in collaboration with GlambitionWomenThinkBIG™ and Dee & Co Group hosted a Glambition-Women Think B.I.G. Alter-Ego Round Table & Influencer event. GlambitionWomenThinkBIG™ is an organisation that aims to empower, inspire and educate aspiring business women through training and mentorships from successful business owners.



 It was a great opportunity to learn more about having a successful business and empowering the many roles we have at work and in real life. The panel speakers and CEOs such as Andrea March, the co-founder of Women’s Leadership Exchange and Michelle Centeno talked about the challenges of women in the workplace and how they overcame it. The next panel included  Antonio Lizano from Paychex, Katherine Lynch of , Beth Goldberg of and Jennifer Jaques of Jacques Beaulieu LLP who shared their knowledge and advice on how to grow a successful business. Desiree Reid of IMAN Cosmetics and Robert Wilis of Universal Beauty Products are among the panel that discussed what makes a woman beautiful and how beauty inspires the alter egos that women play.


The event was not just all about business, it was also fun and glamorous as attendees had the chance get pampered with IMAN Cosmetics “AlterEgo” beauty makeovers and try their new lip colours. They also enjoyed having their hair styled by Universal Beauty Products with their moisturising Pure Naturals hair line and cute manicures by Jamberry. Guests also got to sample delicious desserts from SweetTess Creations and drinks from Limation Organic Drinks and Murphs Famous Bloody Mary. Paychex offered their new business products and SPT Wellness gave out their vitamin samples.




13227174_10208214234406323_4601986105416764862_n 13254429_10208214234966337_4635474231909693770_n 13245293_10208214235406348_7421318208266679755_n

I loved the products from IMAN Cosmetics’ new #AlterEgo Collection  and Universal Beauty’s Pure Naturals products. I’ve tried the Coconut Milk & Honey Hair Mask and the Shea Oil Styling Serum  and it really made a difference in my dry frizzy hair, making it moisturized, smooth and sleek! The lipsticks and lip glosses are very pigmented and long wearing. The lip colour I tried as pictured belowis a unique deep brown shade called Hipster. I’ve never  worn brown lipstick before but it was surprisingly flattering on my skin tone. It was amazing to be featured on Iman Cosmetics official Instagram!

I personally enjoyed the empowering experience and got some useful tips in business and maintaining a healthy balance with life. Everyone was engaging, helpful and offered amazing advice and services. Thank you Dee Rivera for putting together such an inspiring event that celebrates women and beauty!

Don’t forget to check out the products from the event at and you can also get the Pure Naturals hair products and more at Universal Beauty’s site
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SK-II #ChangeDestiny Pop-Up Studio Event


SK-II is a popular beauty brand from Japan that is now world renowned for its anti-aging, moisturizing and skin evening benefits.




I’ve been fortunate enough to get invited to SK-II’s #changedestiny Pop-Up Studio launch in SoHo, New York to learn more about the story behind the brand.




The development of SK-II began when scientists noticed that the elderly workers at a sake brewery still had youthful hands in contrast to their wrinkled faces. They then realized that the secret of their soft hands must lie within the yeast that was used in the fermentation process. After experimenting on at least 350 yeast strains, they have developed Pitera, a clear essence rich in amaino acids, minerals and organic acids that also mimics the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors, hence enhancing its skin renewal, translucency and smoothness.




It’s best selling product is the facial treatment essence a moisturizing toner and serum containing more than 90% Pitera essence which  slows down the aging process and promises a youthful, crystal clear complexion within 28 days. The line also includes a range of products from facial creams, serums, eye creams and masks that addresses skin concerns such as firmness, elasticity, whitening and luminosity.






The new line SK-II Luxury Pitera which contains the Skin Regenerating Activ which optimizes skin cell renewal, Pitera 8X, the highest concentration of their anti-aging ingredient and Rose Absolut. This strengthens the skin’s vitality and moisture barrier to protect it from the test of time.




Some of SK-II’s loyal users and ambassadors are; critically acclaimed actress Cate Blanchett, popular Chinese actress Tang Wei and Japanese actress and singer Ayase Haruka. Apart from their success and talents, they all have the same flawless, youthful and crystal clear skin! In fact I have used SK-II’s facial treatment essence before and I still have compliments for having a clear complexion and been mistaken for a 16 year old on several occasions at the age of 25!




Sk-II has also launched a new social media campaign and movement called #ChangeDestiny, where vloggers and women around the world share their stories of overcoming their challenges in life to pursue their passion. Destiny isn’t a matter of chance but it’s a matter of choice and becoming who you want to be despite the odds.




In fact, I have shared one of my personal stories on an online fashion magazine about surviving rape from the age of 7 and turning my attention to art, acting and writing as a form of therapy. Despite everyone’s objections, I moved alone to New York to pursue my dreams on a higher level and I have  progressed into the fashion industry as a host, model, writer and photographer. It is enlightening that having  the courage of revealing my story has inspired women and artists that I have met. We have the power to change our destiny no matter what other people do or say! The answer is within all of us!

For more information on the #changedestiny campaign you can view it here on

And my article for the online magazine is on


*Credits to photographer Jeffrey Boyle who created my Beauty shot at the top of this post.

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Perfume launch at Cornelia Spa





Cornelia Spa at the Surrey Hotel had a perfume launch of its new scent Geisha Pink with master perfumer Maria McElroy, the founder of Aroma M. Her perfumes are renowned for transporting the senses to exotic places like Kyoto and Marrakech. The brand stands apart as a pure perfume company, meaning that they only carry the highest concentration of perfume extracts and oils.




It was a sensory journey experience, each room representing a different place in time. Kyoto and Geisha had beautiful intricate displays of Japanese paintings, umbrellas and kimonos. The perfume bottles wrapped with delicately patterned, traditional Yuzu paper from Kyoto. There are a wide variety of scents from the Geisha Perfume Oil line such as Geisha Amber Rouge, O-cha, Hana-cha, Marron and Violet. Every bottle has its own unique blend of oils, Amber Rouge a seductive scent with Moroccan amber, spicy notes of cinnamon and deep woods, O-cha a crisp blend of green tea with sweet orange and rose de bois. The new fragrance Geisha Pink is a sweet, fresh blend of sugared plum, orange and vanilla.  A whiff  really transports you to Japan where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in spring.






The Roma room evoked the class and elegance of Rome with its chic displays of vintage print scarves and sleek black candles. Roma features the Voluptuous Nostalgia perfume, an exuberant fragrance of muget, gardenia and ambergris, capturing the essence of a Roman holiday in a bottle.

Her evocative perfumes are available for sale on her website here!









If you would like to wind down and relax, visit Cornelia Spa in The Surrey Hotel on 2o East 76th St New York, NY 10021. They offer wonderful massages, facials,waxing, reflexology including manicures and pedicures. I got to try the body massage and haematite eye treatment which uses the haematite stones to remove the toxins and improve the blood circulation under my eyes. I felt so revitalized  afterwards! There are also other luxuries treatments such as the reparative caviar and oxygen facial, gemstone facial treatment, iridescent pearl manicure and the champagne shimmer pedicure with stem cell stimulation. For the full list of treatments and special offers, visit their site on

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