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Perfume launch at Cornelia Spa





Cornelia Spa at the Surrey Hotel had a perfume launch of its new scent Geisha Pink with master perfumer Maria McElroy, the founder of Aroma M. Her perfumes are renowned for transporting the senses to exotic places like Kyoto and Marrakech. The brand stands apart as a pure perfume company, meaning that they only carry the highest concentration of perfume extracts and oils.




It was a sensory journey experience, each room representing a different place in time. Kyoto and Geisha had beautiful intricate displays of Japanese paintings, umbrellas and kimonos. The perfume bottles wrapped with delicately patterned, traditional Yuzu paper from Kyoto. There are a wide variety of scents from the Geisha Perfume Oil line such as Geisha Amber Rouge, O-cha, Hana-cha, Marron and Violet. Every bottle has its own unique blend of oils, Amber Rouge a seductive scent with Moroccan amber, spicy notes of cinnamon and deep woods, O-cha a crisp blend of green tea with sweet orange and rose de bois. The new fragrance Geisha Pink is a sweet, fresh blend of sugared plum, orange and vanilla.  A whiff  really transports you to Japan where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in spring.






The Roma room evoked the class and elegance of Rome with its chic displays of vintage print scarves and sleek black candles. Roma features the Voluptuous Nostalgia perfume, an exuberant fragrance of muget, gardenia and ambergris, capturing the essence of a Roman holiday in a bottle.

Her evocative perfumes are available for sale on her website here!









If you would like to wind down and relax, visit Cornelia Spa in The Surrey Hotel on 2o East 76th St New York, NY 10021. They offer wonderful massages, facials,waxing, reflexology including manicures and pedicures. I got to try the body massage and haematite eye treatment which uses the haematite stones to remove the toxins and improve the blood circulation under my eyes. I felt so revitalized  afterwards! There are also other luxuries treatments such as the reparative caviar and oxygen facial, gemstone facial treatment, iridescent pearl manicure and the champagne shimmer pedicure with stem cell stimulation. For the full list of treatments and special offers, visit their site on

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