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My name is Jan Marie. I’m a model, web host for a Style Channel, blogger and photographer based  in New  York City.

I love being creative from acting, writing, styling,photography, cooking to designing.

Even some of my modeling pictures are my artistic visions come to life.

I grew up in Singapore where I studied theatre and visual arts in Lasalle College of the Arts, a prestigious arts college in Asia.

I have been working as an actress and model since the age of 18, making appearances in several channels and commercials. However, I decided to expand my horizons and challenge myself.

New York had always caught my eye with its rich history in arts, culture, fashion, music, architecture and mecca of talented artists and celebrated figures.

My passion for art and fashion has led me to follow my dreams to move halfway across the world to New York where I managed to get into the centre of the fashion and media industry from fashion shows to product launches. I had the pleasure to work with such talented people in fashion and photography.

My stint as a host for an online style channel gave me wonderful opportunities to interview designers from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and  representatives from popular brands such as ShopStyle, Stila, and public figures who has influenced the beauty and fashion industry such as Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel.

I have also started to work behind the lens and found a profound love for photography as it has opened my eyes to see the world differently and appreciate beauty everywhere and in everyone.  So far on a professional level,  I have shot fashion shows, beauty and fashion, events, concerts and behind the scenes of music videos.  But what I also enjoy doing as a photographer is getting to work with artists and models for their portfolio and promotional campaigns.  As a former model and actor myself, I know how important it is to build a good portfolio and advertisement to promote your own brand. I also ensure to create a respectful and professional relationship with the talents as it is a tough business and I had a fair share of bad experiences with sleazy photographers. So rest assured, I carry that professional responsibility to respect and bring the best out of everyone!

Stay tuned for updates on The City that Never Sleeps! I would love to share the beauty of this city, its fascinating events and beautiful people with you!